3311 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL

Steven Husby


September 4 - 25, 2011

Opening reception: Sunday, September 4, 2011, 4-7PM

Hours: Every following Saturday & Sunday, 1-4PM, and by appointment

The river outside is a reflection of the river inside. We spend most of our lives in its waters. Heraclitus says that you never enter the same river twice, and this is true. The river is the place of all the changes that change nothing. The river is not just a body at rest and a body at motion. It is also a limit,and it can be crossed. The difficult thing is to cross the threshold. There is fluidity on all sides of the limit, but there is a true fluidity and a false fluidity. One is effortless, one is treacherous. One is nimble, the other is numb. One spends a lot of time rationalizing what one does not understand. It is not that what lies beyond the threshold is understandable. Only that it is more real than what happens in between. Sometimes the river is deep, but mostly it's not. Sometimes the river is wide, but sometimes it's not, and when it's not, it behooves one to take advantage of the opportunity. Just as the river without is coextensive with the river within, what lies on either side is both radically opposed and radically the same: On one side is solitude, on the other - action.

Artist's website: www.stevenhusby.com