3311 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL

Curated by Oliver Apte

with works by:
Xavier Toubes
Patricia Rieger
Oliver Apte
Hannah Manfredi
Sarah Doll
Oliver Henry
Lesley Jackson
Mirentxu Ganzarain

October 2, 2011

One night only. Reception: Sunday, October 2, 2011, 4-7PM

"Ceramics: The World's Most Fascinating Pastime," is a one-night art event on the rooftop of Julius Caesar. The show will consist of ceramics and sculpture as well as live music, refreshments and interactive entertainment. This group of artists came together in the ceramics studio at Oxbow School of Art in Saugatuck, Michigan during the summer of 2011. Critically we ask, "Why were the vibes so excellent?" Please join us as the last light from our enchanted summer fades into autumn.