3311 W. Carroll Ave
Chicago, IL

Dana DeGiulio


September 14 - 28, 2008

Opening: Sunday, September 14, 2008, 4-7PM

Hours: Fridays, 4-7PM; Saturdays 12-4PM

After the death of Septimius Severus, Caracalla and his brother Geta were declared co-emperors of Rome. Persuaded to keep the empire intact and unable to share power, Caracalla soon ordered Geta, plus wife, father-in-law, and attendant entourage, dispatched. Now solo Cæsar, our hero executed nearly 20,000 of Geta's supporters, and decreed a damnatio memoriae: all surviving images of Geta were expunged, including from royal family portraits held in private collections.

Dana DeGiulio's painting show at Julius Cæsar, running from September 14-28, is called Thud. Caracalla reigned for 6 years.

Artist's website: danadegiulio.com